Stationary Awning

RESIDENTIAL Stationnary : 3 or 4 seasons

You have a surface that needs protection from our climate ?

Attached on your house, the welded structure and canvas of this "stationary" awning will protect you, it will offer shade on a sunny day and will cover you on a rainy one, from spring to fall. For a 4 seasons structure, it needs to be reinforced, therefore made a lot stronger. A vinyl canvas or polycarbonate is ideal to make the snow glide down.





COMMERCIAL Stationary Awning

You wish to extend the season while protecting the clientele ?

Here is the solution ! The canvas and structure of a "stationary" is designed to protect from spring to fall. By adding polymere or screen curtains, you will extend the use of your terrace. Against the cold nights, we can add infrared heating. Call us for details.